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Xero Live Integration is Here

March 17, 2022
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Xero is a cloud based online accounting software that has started to change the game for small business.

Xero is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies globally.


Starting on July '21 (v1.1.9), DayspringCare (DSC) Home Care Platform is introducing live (API) integration to Xero. 

You can create draft timesheets and invoices directly from DSC without any manual import & export. Manual import and export are still available for organisations that require adjustments.


You can get paid and pay your staff faster, with Live Integration. This seamless connectivity between Xero and DSC is going to streamline both your payroll & invoices process.


Is it difficult to set up Xero integration?

To set up Xero integration;

1. Choose Xero as your accounting system and select Live integration (at Organisation Settings).

2. Once Live integration is selected, the Connect to Xero button will appear.

3. Press the button to give permission for DSC to connect to your Xero by entering your Xero credential.

4. The next step is to synchronise your records with Xero by pressing "Sync Xero Data"

5. Once your records are synchronised, you should be able to start pushing Timesheets and Invoices records to your Xero.

6. Login to our Help Centre; to learn more about Xero integration.

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