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Urgent Info to Your Support Workers

March 14, 2022
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With the recent effects of severe weather in NSW & QLD, many jobs have been disrupted with unexpected flooding, road closures and more. In these times, communication is key to keep you and your team safe.

In the Home Care industry, DSC has made it easy for you to update your team of Support Workers on any urgent information surrounding their area. This includes road closures, flooding in an area, or other alerts more specific to your company.

This is what available for you to better prepare and keep your team informed:

1. Send Broadcast Messages that will notify your Support Worker's phone in a particular area (suburb or LGA) A phone notification will appear on your Support Worker's phone to let them know of any urgent information.

2. Modify the DSC App's Urgent info text that links to a list of road closures around their areaUsing DSC Web, Your Support Workers will see urgent information on the yellow banner when they open the DSC App (for an example, see the red box in the image below).

3. Send Bulk emails to Support Workers based on their locationFor longer pieces of information, sending a bulk email is your best way to notify multiple Support Workers of further instructions, attachments or any other kinds of information that needs to be sent.

To learn more on how to use the features mentioned above, go to our Help Widget on the DSC web app.

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