Progress Notes Made Simple for Home Care

Progress Notes Made Simple for Home Care

October 11, 2021
Latest Features
Progress notes are a vital part to communicate how your team is delivering the quality of care to your clients.

To make the process easier for you, DSC has worked hard to give you some new features in our recent update. Using DSC,  you are able to capture progress notes, with greater detail, in less time.

These features include:

  • Attaching File (Image or PDF) to your Progress Notes
  • A 5,000 characters Progress notes and Additional notes, and
  • Generate Automatic Progress Notes through the DSC Care Checklist

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes, it's easier to elaborate your notes with a picture. On the recent update of DSC,  you can attach a picture or file to your Progress Notes. Yes, you can take a picture on your mobile then attach it as part of your progress notes. Note that this requires a Google Drive setup by your company (our consultant can help you to set it up!).

Automatic Progress Notes

Our DSC App has a Client Care Checklist for your team of Support Workers, to check off the tasks they need to complete for that day. Just by ticking off the checklist, not only do they keep track of what needs to be completed, but an Automatic Progress Note can be generated right away. Why type a hundred words when you can do it with a few clicks.

This feature is already out and ready to use through the DSC App.

Interested? Click the button below to see it in action.

Types of Progress Notes

On DSC Software, you can have access to 4 types of Notes to keep your workspace organised and clean:

  1. Priority Notes - the most important notes you want you and your team to access
  2. Intake Notes - Notes Staff Intake
  3. Feedback Notes - Notes on Feedback of the Job
  4. General Notes - Any other general notes you want to keep.

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