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New Feature: DSC Digital Card

March 01, 2022
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DSC Digital Card is a digital version of your staff ID card. It makes things simpler & easier for you & your Support Workers.

This week, we are rolling out the DSC Digital Card feature on our app.

As a Home Care support worker, you can show your digital staff card to your clients and/or local authority. Clients and/or local authority can validate your details (e.g. name, your profile picture, organisation you work for) against your driver license.

With DSC Digital Card, we make things simpler for you. You no longer have to carry your paper card, paper roster or another form of company id. You no longer have to print and remember to carry those papers. (yes, you can safely say goodbye to those papers).

All of that important information is accessible in one single app ... and it is only a few clicks away.

Do you need DSC Digital Card?

Good question, let's consider these 3 scenarios.

1. Do you still need to carry your physical staff cards?

Then, yes - you need DSC Digital Card. Carrying a Digital Card means that you won't need to worry of misplace your physical Staff Card. Talk to our team about how we can help you and your organisation to transition them into DSC Digital Card.

2. You do not have a company staff card (because they are too cumbersome to manage & expensive).

Then - yes, DSC Digital Card is perfect for your company. Having a Staff Card can increase employee confidence, company morale and professionalism. With DSC Digital Card, proof of organisation ID suddenly becomes a lot simpler & cheaper.

3. As an HR manager, you still need to ask staff for their staff card back; when they move on from your organisation.

Then - yes, you need DSC Digital Card.

With this feature, You can just simply set them to be Inactive in DSC - and they no longer have access to DSC Digital Card.

Want to try DSC Digital Cards?  Interested in making your work simpler?

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