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Better Records Management with Staff Notes

June 23, 2022
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In DSC we are working hard to deliver the best home care software for NDIS & Aged Care Providers.

That's why we value all the great feedback we get from our clients. In this new release, we listened and delivered to bring you Staff Notes.

DSC Staff Notes helps you to streamline the process of tracking, improving and caring for your workforce.

This improvement allows you to attach staff notes on individual staff profiles for easy reference and organisation - whether it's General Notes, Feedback or Intake/Onboarding Notes.

All the information you need for managing staff records can be stored in DSC. By having all the relevant notes in one place, you can make decisions faster and minimise  times looking for important info for your Home Care business.

If you're fed up with sifting through piles of paper looking for important documents on your staff - storing files on each DSC Staff Profile will help retain those records so you can find the files that you need when you need them.

Using DSC Staff Notes will help you reduce liabilities associated with poor record management, as you can be confident that all the files you need will be stored on the cloud and easy to access.

With DSC Staff Notes, you can evolve towards a paperless office without worrying about misplaced records or wasting time searching for documents.

For our current DSC Valued Clients, this feature is available for you right now. You can access this new feature on your desktop app right away by going to the Staff Profile screen and select "Notes" tab. If you need more info, go into the Help Desk (on the bottom right hand of your screen) and type in "Staff Notes".

Want to try this feature out? Contact Us to Book A FREE Demo Today! Click the link below.

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