Quick & accurate rostering decisions

As a rostering officer or manager, you will want to make a quick and accurate rostering decisions. Dayspring Care presents support worker’s key details (such as on-going availability, current and future allocations, skills, and languages) all in one place.

You do not have to click through the different screens to find the details you need to make that right decision.

Self-managed profiles

Keeping support workers’ profiles up-to-date is important for the efficiency of the rostering and job scheduling process. At Dayspring Care, support workers can regularly update their profiles such as contact details, on-going availability, new and revised skills, and services.

Smart search

Find the most suitable support workers for your client by using our Smart Search feature. You can easily type in the service you want and Dayspring Care will find the support workers that match that criteria. For example, typing  “paramatta tagalog” will help you find support workers that are in Paramatta or who can speak Tagalog.

The search results are displayed in order of relevance.  It is fairly simple. If you've typed text on Google Search before, then you can use this feature!


If Smart Search and automated Rostering can help you & your team's productivity, contact us for obligation free web demonstration of our solution.