Set Up Jobs in an Instant

Manage your team roster with minimal effort.
Set up an on-going job roster once and let DSC do the rest with an automated job population.


  • A few clicks to set up ongoing or one-off jobs
    Creating a staff roster with a timeslot view makes it easy for you to add different services 

  • Schedule recurring shifts ahead by 2 weeks, 1 month or more
    Create recurring shifts once and DSC will automatically schedule the roster for you

  • View Your Rosters in Calendar View
    You can get a complete visual overview of your roster with both our Calendar and List view. 

Find the Right Support Workers for your Clients

Spending a lot of time finding the best support worker for each job?

Going through loads of staff paperworks to find the most suitable Support Worker for a particular client?


DSC Smart Search can do the hard yard to make your work easier.

It searches Staff and Client records and...


  • Recommends a list of support workers suitable for certain jobs
    DSC Smart Search suggests the top support workers based on their availability & relevancy. Based on our data collection, smart search matches 90% of what… awaiting stat


  • Suggests Support Workers by distance, job history, skills & languages and more…
    Toggle according to what matters most for you. Find the right support worker for your clients. 


  • Search for a specific Support Worker
    Already have staff in mind? You can pinpoint them by searching for the Staff’s Name. 


So you can find the right Support Worker, faster & simpler.

Improve team communication with notifications

Notifications update Support Workers about the right information at the right time.
With the DSC App, you can notify your team no matter where they are. 

Notifications appear when:


  • The team roster has been updated.
    Your Support Workers will know when there’s a job cancellation, new job allocations, job updates and more...


  • A Client’s Care Plan is updated or reviewed
    Support Workers are notified when their Care Plan has been updated.


  • Send one message to multiple support workers
    Easily find, select and communicate to multiple support workers through the DSC App.


  • and more...

DSC is a specialised Home Care management software. We do notifications that make sense for your home care business.


We are here to help  you. Talk to us for a FREE TRIAL of our Home Care solution. 


The ability to auto populate (roster), helps us plan for future services, allowing us to always be ahead of the game.
Matt - My Home Living Care
Chief Operating Officer