Refer a friend

How referrals work

We like to keep it simple. 

Refer a friend who you think can benefit from software and an app specifically designed for home care, by filling our simple referral form.

As a a courtesy, our team contact you first to confirm the details. 

This is important for us because we want to do the right thing by you.

After we talk to you, our team then contact your referral to arrange for a web demo and/or FREE trial.


When your friend (currently does not use Dayspring Care) decided to sign up as our client, you straight away receive $150 cash*

If you are one of our Valued clients, in addition to $150 cash - you will receive MORE referral rewards. Contact our team to find out the details.

Fill out the form below to refer a friend.

Who can refer a friend?

Simple answer: anyone. If you are an Australian resident 18 years old or over and know a friend that can benefit from home care software, you can fill in our referral form. 

You can be a support worker, rostering officer, manager or owner of home care providers that currently use Dayspring Care, or

You can be someone who just happen reading this page and think of a friend that run home care provider, or

You can be a support worker who feel that your organisation can benefit from home care app.

(*)  Your referral sign up to our standard subscriptions. $50 cash will be given if your referral sign-up to our Start-up package subscription 

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Refer a Friend

If you know someone who can benefit from easy to use home care software, let us know.

Previously, it took 1-1.5 hours to complete my paperworks for one day job. With your app, it only took me 15-20 minutes!

Support Worker, Sydney

Clean and simple interface

Support Worker, Sydney

Can you please talk to my manager? I want, actually, I NEED your app!

Support Worker, Illawarra