"Who, When and Where?" - Audit Framework

Who, When and Where?

“Where can I know which staff has made changes to a client’s record?”
“What were the past activities of my staff in the system?”
“When was Mary last logged in to the system?”

If you’ve asked any of these questions, then Dayspring Care Home Care solutions are right for you.

Dayspring Care contains a comprehensive audit that covers all of our system’s components; including the back office, mobile workforce app and our upcoming client portal.

Dayspring Care suits the needs of each staff, such :

  • As a Manager - you can create/get an audit of the activities that your staff has performed on the system.

  • As a System Administrator - you can check when and where the activities are performed.

  • As a Supervisor or Manager - you can find out who made the changes to your client or staff record.

The Dayspring Care’s audit framework can capture system activities - including Logging In & Out, Job Changes, Client View, Staff Edit and more!

In addition, the framework captures the Timestamp (up to the second), the

Source IP address (useful in keeping an eye on any suspicious activity), Staff name and operations the user perform on Dayspring Care.

The framework is equipped with an Audit Report that allows you to search audited operations based on Client, Staff and/ or Time period.

DSC Audit Report
DSC Audit Report

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