• David Widjaja

Upcoming Feature - Signing Off Made Easier!

"Signing Off is quicker, easier and simpler!"

We've listened and so for our upcoming features, we've updated the mobile app so that signing off is made easier!

The new update helps you to sign off and complete your job quicker so that your time can be saved.

Here's how we did it. after you complete your job:

+ Fill in Progress Notes by typing it in or even talking your notes in through your device's voice dictation

+ Let the client sign on your phone to confirm your completed job

+ Enter how your client feels that day to track your client's mood over time so that you can provide better care!

Once your job is completed, the app will take you straight to a Quick View of your Next Job so that you can simply and quickly see the details of the next job for that day.

We've listened to you and now Signing Off is quicker, easier and simpler!

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