Our new tools to better help you

Changes on the way we work due to Covid-19 makes us think on a better way to help our clients. Specifically, we want our clients to be able to find answers to their answer quicker. With that thought, our team went through support calls received in the past 6 months. We analysed, grouped the calls and came up with a list of Frequently Asked Questions. To access our FAQ, go to our Service Desk Portal.

In addition to the FAQ, our team came up with an innovative way to response to enquiries either from existing clients or prospects. On 1st of May, we are launching DiSCo: Dayspring Care Chatbot 🤖. DiSCo can be accessed directly here (requires Facebook) and under Contact Us menu on our main website.

If you would like to give DiSCo a go, why don't you go to the link and type "hello" or "help"!

If you have other suggestions, on how we can help you - email us (hello@dayspringcare.com.au) or let DiSCo knows.

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