Build. Measure. Learn

Learning is a lifetime process.

You probably have heard that quote before.

Our team believes that learning is a key success to develop a software solution that delights our customers. We are inspired by Lean Startup principles. We adopt the Build-Measure-Learn cycle as the core of our product development. This cycle is also known as a process for Continuous Innovation.

Our primary reason of adopting the Build-Measure-Learn is mainly due to our passion to build a solution that really can help support workers and home care staff, by providing a tool that makes their jobs easier and simpler. As we have to go through a series of review and validation steps, this will make the development process seems slower. However, we can say that our investment on this process definitely has paid dividends in the form of positive feedback from the users on how the system has helped to make their jobs easier.

As part of our design process, we engage a group of people that are working in home care and NDIS service providers. If you are working in home care and NDIS service providers as a support worker, an administration staff or a roster officer and if would like to help us by being a part of our SMEs (Subject Matter Expert) panel, please drop your details here

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