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Homecare's 4 Client Relationship Tools

Updated: Aug 24

A strong relationship between NDIS or aged care participants and homecare service is the foundation to a successful homecare business.

This world is changing so rapidly, we can get lost in what new tools are being made to make our job easier.

Luckily, we gathered the 4 most important tools to accelerate and improve how you connect with your clients.

Business Website

This is the numero uno and the most important tool to improve the relationship with your client. How so? As you engage to clients in home-care, you don't just market to NDIS or aged care participants but you also engage to their families and friends.

Your website is the extension to your business's values, character and personality that NDIS and aged care participants, families and friends will interact with.

Extra Tips:

- Use LARGE fonts. A readable website is going to benefit majority of the people who will interact with your homecare business website.

- Be easily contactable. Display your contacts in the footer of your website and on the header so that clients can know how to connect with you.

Social Media Presence

Nowadays, almost everyone spends most of their time on social media. Which is why you need to use these platforms to promote your homecare business. It will give you the advantage of reaching a wider audience in a shorter time frame. With the right strategy, social media marketing will not only improve but can even boost your homecare business. You'll quickly find that it'll be one of the key tools to increase the reach of your business.

Email Marketing

The next important element is email marketing. Email marketing is done to achieve a more personal engagement. This strategy will help you connect with your clients better, gaining their trust quicker, which can lead to a more successful homecare business.

Example... that adds value to them. (put it in the "heading")

DSC Client Connect

Whilst the other 3 tools engage with clients indirectly, DSC Client Connect is how you can connect clients directly in regards to their care.

DSC Client Connect is an web app that NDIS or aged care participants can use to access their schedule 24/7, view details of their support worker and share the schedules to family or friends.

This is a great way for your clients to connect with their support workers and to know more about them.

Just like how the tools of a handyman don't work if the handyman doesn't know how to use it, learning these tools can help you build and broaden the relationship with your clients.

Interested in making your work simpler?

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