Automation for Your Home Care Business

Updated: Feb 2

With the advent of technology, we have seen many innovations changing the way we do business and daily operations. Among many such innovations is the process of automation.

Automation is using specific systems to handle repetitive tasks. By using technology to take care of these tasks, we don’t need to address these tasks with as much effort as before. There are numerous software and apps that we use to help us automate our daily activities, including setting up schedules, making sure we keep fit and so on.

Let’s look at the benefits of automation.

The Benefits of Automation

Increased Confidence (and Peace of Mind)

Whether it is recording your favourite shows, scheduling your calendar or turning the heat up in your home, automation already offers quality support for carrying out your daily activities. This support, in turn, provides you comfort as you can rest, being assured that tasks are handled with little or no effort from your part. Automation offers you a peace of mind; knowing that your business operation does not have to heavily rely on you.

Increased Consistency

Lesser human interaction with the business process certainly means lesser human errors. This advantage can help remove the barriers when it comes to making decisions. Automation reduces inconsistency in the decision-making process by driving data-driven decisions- making sure your standard operating processes are being followed.

Increased Productivity

Automation has played a significant role in reducing the average work hours of factory workers by handling basic factory processes and utilising mechanisation. Even in production processing, automation has reduced the processing time of orders.

Similar to the other industries, automation in home care operation can increases productivity by reducing average work hours of repetitive tasks.

Increased Space for Creative Tasks

By reducing the time that you otherwise spend looking over repetitive, monotonous tasks, automation enables us to make more time for creative tasks. Focusing more on creative tasks leads to increasing the quality of the service that your organisation provide.

The Cost of Automation

The cost that comes with automation can be unpredictable. Although automation saves business and other expenses, there are cases where the cost of automation can be more than the value that it will save.

These costs could include expenditure on development of the automation process, research-related expenses, maintenance efforts and fine tuning the automation.

However, this is not always the case. The best way to avoid this is by understanding business process(es) in your industry that can and should be automated. Second, by adopting tools that have been developed for your industry. Tools that are specifically designed to solve problems in home care industry.

Home Care Automation with Dayspring Care

Dayspring Care is an end-to-end software solution specifically designed for small to medium home care providers here in Australia. Our solution offers dozens home care automation processes, such as:

  • Automatically populate scheduled jobs for upcoming week or entire month

  • Automatically send your clients with their weekly scheduled jobs

  • Automatically compare and check client-to-client mileage claim Kilometres against Google Maps

  • Automatically notify case coordinators when support worker is late, went overtime or incident is reported.

Lastly, the cost of our automation is not unpredictable neither expensive. We provide a flexible subscription-based cloud-based solution (includes home care app for your support workers).

PS: If you are a start-up home care business, we provide $9.95/ month start-up package.

All set to get automated? Contact us right away (hello@dayspringcare.com.au or call us 1300 DAYSPR)

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