Productivity Indicators

We all want to do a good job. As a support worker, manager, HR, office administration or rostering officer; we want to do a good job. The question that we are exploring here is not whether we are doing a good job or not, but it is a question of how productive we are while we are doing our jobs.

Peter Drucker, a management thinker, says

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.

Let’s take a moment and think.

Do you know how productive you are?

Do you know how productive your team is?

Do you have a set of defined measures? I

f there were simple indicators or measures for yourself and your team, what would they be? (This is a good time to start writing 2-3 of them).

One good productivity indicator for home care service providers would be, a ratio of rostering officers / admins and support workers. What is the healthy ratio for your organisation? If there will be more works which require more support workers, how many rostering officers and administration staff would your organisation need?

Do you have a written step or procedure on handling client requests and scheduling support workers for the jobs?

If you don’t have a process yet, we recommend that you start with that.

Dayspring Care solution is designed with organisation productivity in mind. We can help your organisation to identify, monitor and measure your productivity as a home care service provider. Contact us or book a FREE demo, we can discuss and demonstrate productivity improvements through the adoption of Dayspring Care.


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