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Google Meet, now in Gmail!

If you use Gmail, you probably have seen a pop-up that says "Google Meet, now in Gmail"?

This is great news! You can now have a Video Online meeting with your colleagues using Google Meet.

Google Meet used to be available for paid (company) Google accounts. Now they make it available for personal / Free Gmail account.

For home care business, these are a few ideas on how you can use online meeting:

  • weekly company-wide catch-up (PS: you can make it fun - celebrate birthdays, work anniversary)

  • advising your support workers of the new policy, company news and allowing questions & feedback

  • connect with your clients or their family members,

  • if you are a supervisor, use this as a regular catch-up with support workers reporting to you

Please note that you & your colleagues need to have Google / Gmail accounts to participate in Google Meet.

Check out the following links to learn more:

If you want to spice up your Google meet, click this link or search "Google Meet background".

If you a home care business owner/manager and need tech help, our team happy to help for FREE 30 mins tech consultation. Fill in our Contact us form on the main page and we are happy to help.

Dayspring Care tip: You can integrate regular Google Meet meeting invite on our app. Talk to our support to set it up for your company!

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