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Updated: May 6, 2020

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in 2020. A lot of things have changed. As a community, each one of us is required to adapt at a fast rate to survive.

Businesses, including home care businesses, need to adapt to continue to deliver quality services.

As a technology company, our team has been monitoring the situation and doing our part in helping home-care businesses. See our related posts:

In recent days, there have been conversations on the possibility of lifting Covid-19 restrictions on businesses early. We cautiously welcome this good news.

When a thing will start to get back to normal (the new normal) is uncertain. One thing that we are certain about is we need to get ready for the post-Covid norm.

Below are a few of our thoughts on how home care businesses (especially small & medium size) can get ready for post-Covid.


Establishing a relationship and staying connected with your clients is important. This is especially important for elderly clients that due to Covid has temporarily reduced the service hours. These are a few ideas on how you can stay connected with your clients.

  • Call them and ask them "how are they going?". Schedule a time to call your clients; ask them "how are they going?" and check if they have any questions or suggestions.

  • Setup a digital or printed newsletter. Clients and family members want to know about the people behind the company. They want to see the faces behind the logo. For printed newsletters, you can use Canva, MS Word and others. For digital newsletters, you can use software like Mailchimp, or Constant Contact. Tip: You can export a list of client details (including emails) from Dayspring Care for an easy import to MailChimp or another emailing software.

  • Setup a Facebook page for your company. Share the latest news about your company on your Facebook page as a way for your clients and/or family members to be informed. Share encouraging quotes on your Facebook post. Tip: We regularly post encouraging quotes on our Dayspring Care Facebook page - feel free to re-share them.

PS: Facebook is also a great way to encourage & connect with your staff (and potential staff!)


You have probably heard that it's important to have a website for your business. That statement is more important now for post-Covid compared to pre-Covid.

Review your website, put your clients' hats on and see if it's easy for your clients to contact you and find information.

With many people that are now accessing the website from their smartphones, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Enter your website on this FREE tool to check.

As mentioned in the previous section, if you don't have a Facebook page - now it's the time to have one.

A digital newsletter is an excellent idea to communicate with your clients & staff!


Social distancing most likely will stay for a while. Staff may need to continue to work from home or remotely. Transitioning your business to online is important. Check out our previous blog on Tips on transitioning your home care business online.

  • Make sure that paper works (mileage claims, progress notes, care plan, etc) can be transferred and stored digitally.

  • Make sure that you have effective task management and online meeting arrangements.

  • Make sure that your policy & procedures are updated to reflect the remote workforce arrangement.

A few useful workplace related info

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