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DSC Web App got a Face Lift!

Updated: Aug 24

Have you come across the new cartoon faces trend?

If you haven't, you probably have not checked out social media recently.

I’ve tried it myself. I turned a few of pictures of myself into cartoons. And I must admit, they look pretty cool and my face looks fresh (and sometimes better) as cartoons :)

On this upcoming release (v1.1.9), our team has made a few screens look fresh. We did it by taking a fresh look on how we should visually structure the details.

Why do we do that?

Our aim is so that rostering officers and administrators can find most of the information required in one screen (without having to keep changing screens).

Hundreds of hours investment

This facelift took weeks of conversations back and forth, between product designer, UX/UI designer and developers.

The reason is because each new screen literally has more than 100 improvement points (from total rewrite, major, big to small).

Home care NDIS Aged Care Client Profile Screen
Fresh Client Profile screen

As shown on this sample screen; you can see upcoming job, budget, progress notes, support workers, jobs list, address, contact details, Next of Kin details, notes, risk profile, finance details plus plus are neatly grouped in one screen.

To be frank, we are quite proud of what we come up with.


The beauty is that we do know that this is not the final.

Our team still have more to come on what we can do to make things simpler and more efficient for you.

Want to know more?

If you already use DSC Home Care, well done :) and I can not wait for you & your team to use this new screen. Our team will be sending Release details shortly. Make sure you check your inbox.

If you would like to learn more about DSC Home Care platform, please contact our consultant to organise a web demo.

On the next blog, I'm going to write about how you can use Client notes to record in-take sessions, feedback, phone calls with your clients.

NDIS Aged Care Client Notes - Home Care
Record all client correspondences on Client Notes

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