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Foundations of a Home Care Business Pt.1

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Learning how to start your own home care business is a very organic yet systematic process.

Just like each person has a unique impact on the community, so does a business. It's important to understand that each home care business will reflect some key aspects of those leading the team. A home care business can be perceived by the quality of its relationships, planning, structure, and influence.

There are four key areas which are the foundations of a home care business:

Trust > Plan > Build > Influence

1. Building Quality Relationships

Build honest and valuable relationships that are long-term, provides a durable foundation for your home care business.

Meet people and partner with those who can support you while supporting those who need your help. Start by making yourself available for questions, volunteer work, or just to touch base from time to time. Your home care business will generate value when you invest time, frequency, and consistency into relationships.

Figure 1

Lead by example and connect with the community.

These are the types of bodies that you want to build trust towards are:

  • Similar Organisations

  • Peak bodies and associations

  • Local Government

  • Governing authorities

2. Building a Quality Plan

Overplanning evokes missed opportunities, yet, Insufficient planning evokes unpreparedness.

Develop quality relationships so you can comfortably access to trustworthy advice and useful resources available in the market. A sufficient amount of planning to plan, test, trial and ask all of the questions you can think of. Avoid harm to yourself from either mistake as you build your online care business. By achieving a sufficient amount of planning you determine your direction and understanding of strengths and weaknesses of your home care business in the community.

Figure 2.1

Your relationships are essential for your trials, preparation, and planning. Include relationships as a primary factor towards your overall plan.

Figure 2.2

If you ask them and listen, people in the community, as well as existing businesses in the community you will tell you what they need. Discover what areas of need your home care business are capable of and be effective in.

Figure 2.4

This is an ongoing and repeating process of learning, development, and advancement.

Figure 2.4

Organise the information and findings into sections of your values, improvements and future values.

There's a lot of other plenty of things to keep in mind when building your plan:

  • Your experience and resources

  • Experience and resources of those around you

  • You and your team's training and preparation

  • You and your team's ability to solve problems and overcome challenges

  • Managing expectations

  • Understanding time and process

  • Working for, in, and on the business; the scope of the mall, medium, and large

Tech Tips

Reaching this stage, it's important for your team to think about online presence.

As a minimum,

  • register your domain name (.com.au or .care),

  • create a website,

  • create email address with your domain name (i.e. john@newhomecare.com.au instead of generic johnnewhomecare@gmail.com). to present a more trusting brand for your clients

  • also, consider registering Facebook page for your business.

If you need any assistance, our team would be happy to give a FREE technical consultation (until end of October '20) on how to get your online presence up and running in no time. Contact us on hello@dayspringcare.com.au (subject: Tech help) and our team will reach out to you. It's obligation free ... meaning no pressure or sales talk, we just want to help!

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Main article by Fred Cloos, Home Care Business Subject Matter Expert

Tech Tips by Hengki Widjaja, Dayspring Care CTO

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