Form Transformation, Integration (and Automation!)

Do you use paper forms for your business?
Are you still manually entering details from your paper forms into the system?
How many times you can not enter the details on the form because you can't read the hand writing or wrong info?!

Forms (e.g. job application forms, staff leave forms, staff expense forms, etc) are part of the business process, we get that. The question is how can you make your business process becomes better by transforming your paper form into electronic/online forms.

Dayspring Care recently implemented Forms integration that improves productivity, increases data quality and most of all - allowing our clients to focus on delivering quality care.

If you already have online forms, you are off a good start and we can help to integrate your forms with Dayspring Care. We also can help on automation of the data from the online forms to our system. Dayspring Care currently supports the following online form solutions: JotForm, TypeForm, Google Forms and WuFoo.

If you would like us to look into how our solution can help you on reducing (or even getting rid) of your paper forms, contact us.

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