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Calendar View

DSC Calendar View

I want to see time slots & jobs for my client for the whole month.
Is there a way to view jobs for a client in a cleaner way?

Our customers ask and we deliver! Our 2019 April release includes enhancement that allow Rostering Officer to see jobs on a Calendar View.

Dayspring Care’s Calendar View is both distinct and straightforward so that you can quickly know previous, current or upcoming jobs of any particular client. With this improvement, you can easily view jobs, locate jobs and roster or plan jobs for the client. Different Colours on Calendar Items help you easily identify the Service Types of jobs.

You can modify the Calendar View to further suit your needs:

  • Change the overall view of the Calendar from out of 2 options: Monthly View or Weekly View

  • Configure the Colours of Jobs to your liking

  • Show Calendar View to a particular client

To learn more about Calendar view and Dayspring Care, contact us for a FREE DEMO.

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