August 2020 New Improvements

In the past few weeks, our team has been preparing our August 2020 release. These are the key improvements:

  • New Business Insights report. Your team can perform market research on ageing & disability data on your neighbouring suburbs. This report give you a better insight for your expansion and marketing strategy.

  • Case Coordinator app notification. On this improvement, case coordinator is also notified when staff running late on scheduled jobs or going overtime.

  • Staff achievements. We introduce achievement milestones to acknowledge number of jobs or hours of service performed by staff.

  • Xero & Intuit payroll & invoice improvements. We include new reports for better integration with Xero & Intuit (Quickbooks) accounting system.

  • Rich Text format incident description. You can use rich text formatting on incident's description.

  • System settings page. You (or your system administrators) now have better control of system behaviour using our new system settings page.

For full list of improvements and fixes, login to our Help Centre and search for "Release Notes".

If you want to know more about Dayspring Care features both our web & mobile app, feel free to contact us to Book 30 mins web demo and a FREE Trial.

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