Make Your Jobs Easier

Manage your clients’ records in one system. Dayspring Care allows you to store client records, preferences, assessments, and care plans all in one system. It’s time to say “goodbye” to multiple spreadsheets and systems when storing your clients’ records.

Have Confidence in Your records

How many times have you found yourself trying to contact your clients on rather urgent matters and finding that the details that were entered were incorrect? Dayspring Care has a built-in Australian phone, mobile phone numbers and address validation logics to make sure that phone and address records you enter are valid.

Easy and Secure documents storage

With our seamless Google Drive ™ integration, you can store your client files securely. Share and collaborate your files with team members in your organisation. You also take advantage of Google AI and Search technology on Google Drive. 


If you already use Google Drive, talk to our consultants on how you can take advantage of Google Drive integration. 




For integration with other cloud-based file storage such as DropBox or Office365, contact us.

More Things Done with Less Clicks

Dayspring Care allows you to see the key details of your clients in one place. You do not have to click 10 times (or more) to find the client information that you need. As part of our design, our team engages a roster officer, admin staff, and support workers to understand key information and actions that they take in their day-to-day routine. We want them to get more things done with less clicks.

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To learn more about our Client Management features, contact us for an obligation FREE web demonstration of our solutions.