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Make your work easier - View the details you need to know, on one comprehensive page. 

  • View essential information easily

Info such as Address, Medical Condition, Language Spoken and more are easily accessible to you and your team

  • Locate contact details quickly

Preview Client’s Email, Mobile Phone, Address, and more, all one click away.

  • Find Client’s Finance Information

Store important details such as Case Coordinator, Debtor ID, External Account Info, and NDIS Details onto the Client Profile

  • Easy and Secure Document Storage

With our seamless Google Drive TM integration, you can store, share and collaborate your client files securely. Take advantage of Google AI and Search technology on Google Drive. 


DSC features tools that will make financing easier for you and your team. Here are just a few things that you can do:

  • Quick Budget Update

A glance at your sidebar is enough to see your budget and how much left you have to spend for each Client

  • Track your Spending History

DSC brings up a report on how much you have spent every month so you can track your spending history

  • DSC Budget Prediction 

DSC uses previous spending patterns to estimate when your budget will be completed. Our Budget Prediction tool helps you to estimate when you will finish your budget by based on your past spendings.



From Medicare Notes to Progress Notes, you can create, attach and view all sorts of information to each Client Profile. 

  • Choose to create from 3 types of Notes

Sort through which notes you need to create from either general, Feedback, Intake

  • View Recent Progress Notes Easily

Quickly View and track previous Progress Notes for that Client

  • Search Notes

Quickly find the notes you need to find details on the client 

  • Store Medicare, Meeting, and Follow Up Notes 

Attaching different types of Notes will keep everyone updated on the latest information for the client. 


Care Plan 

Reduce your paperwork clutter. Attach a client’s care plan to the client’s profile for easy access to important details. With DSC you and your team can upload, view and download on the Client’s Profile.

  • Organised Care Plans

You and your team can easily locate and find Care Plans by locating the Client’s Profile

  • Download your uploaded Care Plans

After a Care Plan has been uploaded, your team has access to easily download the care plans they need to know. 

  • Reduce paperwork Clutter

Clear your desk from paperwork and files, by digitally storing information through the DSC App.



View your client’s schedule and navigate jobs through what best suits your preferences. 

  • Toggle between List View or Calendar View

With Calendar view, you can toggle on viewing all the jobs across months or throughout the week to easily manage Job Requests and view a participant’s job history. 

  • Manage your Jobs through Calendar View

You can view and edit jobs based on either a monthly or weekly basis. Create Service Requests. 

  • Schedule Notifications

DSC will notify your Support Workers of their next job, updating them no matter where they are.



DSC includes specialized tools and features to make the work of NDIS Support Workers and the NDIS Participants & Aged Care Participants more pleasant. 

  • Funding Arrangement

Store & Access Brokerage, Plan Management and Individual Finance information such as account, account type, external accounting and NDIS Budget Details 

  • Care Checklist for quality care

A quality checklist to organize dozens of tasks to be completed by Support Workers to tick that your client is getting the excellent care they deserve. 

  • Generate Automatic Progress Notes

DSC will create Automatic Progress Notes once you’ve ticked off the tasks you’ve completed. So you don’t have to spend long hours writing every detail in. 

  • Client Connect 24x7 - a web app for your NDIS or Aged Care Participants to access their care Schedules/ 24x7, view details of their Support Workers and share their schedules with family and friends. 

    • Assure your participants by letting them know who, when and what service they will receive throughout the day. 

    • Multi-language support allows participants who struggle with English to view Care Schedule in their own language. 

    • 24x7 self-service access means participants can view their care schedule at any time, anywhere. 


To learn more about our Client Management features, contact us for an obligation FREE web demonstration of our solutions.